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5 Key Things To Note When Buying Things That Might Affect Your Health

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As a way of ensuring our survival as human beings we buy things everything that we either eat or use for other purposes. Importantly, almost all of those things bought have health implications that we must be cautious of.

In this post, we will look at five things you must consider whenever you buy something. Negligence over these five key health concerns, exposes us to great health implications.


  • Expiry Date: Every product is expected to have both manufacturing and expiry dates. The manufacturing date is the particular date that the product was produced, while the expiry date is the date that the product is supposed to get bad or spoilt. Although, some products are expected to remain in good consumable condition few weeks or even months after the date stated on the product. However, for products that are easily perishable, avoid eating them if they have expired. Eating products that have expired poses serious health risks or dangers to the person. So how often do you check expiry dates on products before consuming the products?
  • Packaging: This has to do with putting the product in a good and attractive physical condition. The packaging of any product has a way of influencing or pushing away its customers. Poor packaging of a product can lead to health risks or challenges for the buyers. The health, sanitary or hygienic conditions of the factory or manufacturer has a direct influence on the packaging of the product. Have you ever heard of people buying a drink and they claim that they saw a cockroach or any other insect inside the bottle? Or perhaps the common and most neglected one of someone buying a product and noticing that the packet is torn from where air enters the product and spoils the product? To buttress this point, some companies will always caution consumers against consuming the product if the seal has been removed or tampered with. This serves as a reminder to the importance of consuming goods that are only in the best packaging condition.
  • NAFDAC Number: All foods and drugs consumed in Nigeria are supposed to be certified by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC. The easiest way of identifying products approved by NAFDAC is through the NAFDAC Number displayed on the body of the products. There are claims that the NAFDAC Number has been forged by some manufacturers to deceive the consuming public. However,NAFDAC has two means of solving this issue. One is through the use of Mobile Authentication Service (MAS) against counterfeiting and by checking if the product is in NAFDAC’s Product Database. Consuming any manufactured product that is not approved by NAFDAC is a direct risk to your health.
  • Producer’s Details: All genuine products are supposed to have the details of the manufacturers written on it. The contact details should include the producer’s name, office address, official phone number(s), and place of manufacturing. This is especially for feedback purposes which is supposed to serve the best interest of the buyer and help the manufacturer to improve its services or goods. Do you know the real name of the manufacturer of that your favourite product let alone their address or customer care contact number? If you value your health, then you should check that the products you are eating have these details.
  • Nutritional Information: We buy and eat things because of the nutrients we expect to get for the nourishment of our bodies. Sadly enough, many persons buy products without a conscious knowledge of the nutritional table. This is a risky careless act that can affect your health. Your choice of any product should be based on the nutrients inherent in that product. For instance, it is nutritionally foolish for someone who wants to lose weight to be buying and eating products that are rich in carbohydrate, fat, calories and cholesterol. Also, always check the ingredients used in producing any product(s), so that you will know if it contains ingredients that are detrimental to your health.
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